Chapter Patriots

Listed by their state of service are the names and ranks of the ancestors of the Bitter Root Chapter, NSDAR, members. This list includes Patriots of the American Revolutionary War and ancestors who contributed to the cause for independence through civil or patriotic service. For more information on a particular Patriot, please visit the NSDAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) webpage.

For a list of acceptable services visit the Accepted Revolutionary War Service webpage for more information.

Chapter Patriots

Rufus Bennett, Pvt
Jabez Cary, Jr., Pvt
Amaziah Hawkins, Pvt
Abijah Peck, Pvt
Ephraim Peck, Pvt
William Woodford, Sr., Capt

Firmin Breaux, PS

Asa Banning, Ens
Francis Clinkscales, Sgt, PS
John Harlan, Pvt
Thomas Kent, Pvt
Walter Mcatee, Pvt
John Smith, Pvt

Moses Ballard, Pvt
John Bevans, Noncom
Richard Borden, CS
Stephen Borden, CS, PS
Thomas Borden, Pvt
Solomon Bryant, Noncom
James Campbell, Lt
Joshua Chapman, Pvt
Earl Clapp, Maj, PS
Aaron Davis, Pvt
Zebulon Davis, PS
Seth Drew, Maj
Jeremiah Eaton, Pvt
Nathaniel Gove, Pvt
John Greenleaf, Pvt
Isaac Hathaway, StaffOf
Ebenezer Herrick, Pvt
Samuel Herrick, Sr., CS
Moses Hobson, Pvt
Eli Holcomb, Cpl
Ephraim Kempton, Pvt
Joseph Longley, Cpl, PS
Thomas Lord, Capt
Benjamin Tappan, Jr., Pvt, CS, PS
Nathaniel Tobey, Pvt
Josiah Towne, Pvt

New Hampshire
Wyseman Claggett, CS, PS
John Lang, Pvt
Samuel Nute, PS
Enoch Sweet, Pvt, PS
Josiah Wentworth, PS
Richard Wentworth, PS
Abijah Wilkins, PS, CS
Joshua Wilkins, PS
Samuel Warren, Lt

New Jersey
William Annin, PS
Hope Carpenter, Pvt
Abraham Crow, Pvt
Jonathan Eldredge, PS
John Hamlin, Pvt, PS
Thomas Skillman, Sr., PS

New York
Nathaniel Culver, PS
Benjamin Sage, Jr., Pvt
Ezra Trim, Pvt

North Carolina
Shadrack Barnes, Sol, PS
Ambrose Blackburn, CS, PS
​Nathan Byers, Pvt
Andrew Hampton, Col, CS, PS
John Pierce, Pvt
Alexander Legrand Whitehall, Capt

William Blair, Pvt
James Coffey, Pvt
James Driver, CS
George Edelman, Pvt, PS
Johann Conrad Esher, PS
Francis Fergus, Sol, PS
David Finley, Pvt
Christian William Fritts, Pvt
John Hannum, Col, CS, PS
James Ingalls, Pvt
Christian Kaufman, Cpl
Michael Kistler, Pvt
John  Baltzer Klinesmith, Pvt
William Lynn/Linn, Pvt
John Milligan, Pvt
Marcus Montelius, Pvt, SDI
William Purdy, Pvt
Philip Shambach, Pvt
Robert Slemons, Pvt
Matthew Steen, Pvt
Joseph Stevenson, Lt
John Walker, Pvt
Joseph Wame, PS
George Wertz, Pvt, PS

Rhode Island
Nathan Cole, Pvt
William Sweet, Pvt

South Carolina
Daniel Bordeaux, PS
Peter Boseman, Pvt
William Day, Pvt
Samuel Isaacs, Pvt, PS
Abraham Myers, Lt​

William Bronaugh, Capt
John Lewis, Pvt
Archibald Lipscomb, Pvt
James Mcbride, Sgt
George Poage, Capt, CS
William Powell, Ens, PS
Jesse Rector, Pvt, PS
Thomas Henry Rives, PS
John Shaffer, Pvt
Robert Steele, Sol
Anthony Waddy Street, Capt, CS, PS
​Robert Tate, PS

Capt  –  Captain
Col  –  Colonel
Cpl  –  Corporal
CS  –  Civil Service
Ens – Ensign
Lt  –  Lieutenant
Maj – Major
Noncom – Noncommissioned Officer
PS  –  Patriotic Service
Pvt  –  Private
Sgt – Sergeant
Sol  –  Soldier
SurGen  –  Surgeon General

Each DAR member is a direct descendant of a Patriot of the American Revolutionary War. 

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