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DAR Today Podcast! All About History this month! Interviews with Historian General Suzanne Heske and National Chair Historic Preservation Liz Hotchkiss, an example of a wonderful Excellence in American History Award and another segment with great examples of Historic Preservation Grants that have been awarded! We also have a short clip from our President General Pamela Wright!

You can watch DAR Today Podcast on NSDAR YouTube Channel or Download the app for you device from the Apple Store (Apple) or Google store (Android).

Carol Gordon, our Conservation Committee Chair, has asked me to let you all know about the NSDAR Member Challenge: “Plant a Pollinator Friendly Garden.”  

To learn more about the challenge visit their website at:

If you would like to participate in NSDAR’s Member Challenge but are unable to drive and shop for plants, or need other assistance, reach out to Carol Gordon. She will be happy to assist you! 

Remember – no planting is too small, and pollinators are at home in cities, so you can help pollinators no matter where you live.

The Missoula County Extension office has a list of pollinator plants available for our area. You can visit them at their new location: 1075 South Ave W on the Missoula Fairgrounds, or visit their website at: Home Page | Missoula County Department of Ecology

If you already have pollinator plants in pots, flower beds, gardens, or fields, please send Carol Gordon your photos. She would like to put together a collection of all of our photos to share with the chapter and with NSDAR. Some chapters have put together slideshows of photos of their members’ gardens and they are fun to view. Carol will try to share one or two of those with you over the summer.

Also, if you are interested in visiting the Missoula Butterfly House, let Carol know. It’s really fun and the butterflies are so beautiful! She would be glad to organize a group outing or take/meet you there individually depending on what works best. It’s a beautiful new and accessible facility located at the fairgrounds.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Carol Gordon at (406) 274-8677 or via email at

If you have something you would like to share with our chapter, please email the webmaster for assistance.