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Member Training Courses

State Coordinators

Members Course Materials – Explore the many aspects of DAR and what it means to be a Daughter.

Committee Leaders Course Materials – Learn what it takes to be a more effective committee leader, from the chapter level all the way up to national chair.

New Horizons Course Materials – Build confidence and leadership skills as an aspiring or current DAR leader.

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Genealogical Education Programs

Following the completion of GEP 1-3, members can become Volunteer Genealogists. There are many opportunities to be a star for DAR as a Volunteer Genealogists.

GEP 1 – Introduction to Genealogy Research for DAR Applications

GEP 2 – Applying Genealogy Research Techniques to DAR Applications

GEP 3 – Advanced Techniques for Resolving Problems with Lineage of Service

Advanced Genealogy Courses to enhance your research knowledge

GEP 4 – DNA and the DAR

GEP 5 – eApps: The Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Applications

Registrar Training Course

Mid-Level Review Training Program

For questions, issues, or concerns, please contact the GEP inbox at